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How do you use a vernier caliper to measure step?

How to measure step using a vernier caliper?

Labelled diagram of the step measuring faces on a vernier scale.

When taking measurements, try not to touch the measuring faces of the caliper. Even the smallest amount of oil on your hands can affect the accuracy of your readings.


The head of the caliper and the face of the right-hand upper jaw are used to take step measurements.

Guide to Measuring Inside Step with a Vernier Caliper

Step 1 - Place sliding jaw against upper step of object

Measuring step accurately using a vernier caliper.

Open the caliper slightly.


Place the sliding jaw against the upper step of the object you are measuring. Make sure that the head of the caliper is perpendicular to the edge of the upper step.

Step 2 - Open caliper jaws

Inside measurement taken by a vernier caliper.

Open the jaws of the caliper using the thumb screw until the fixed upper jaw contacts the lower step.

Step 3 - Turn Lock Screw

Illustration of using a vernier caliper to measure.

Turn the lock screw to tighten the jaws so that you can remove your object and take your reading.

Step 4 - Read Measured Value

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