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Which pick-up tool should you use?

Which pick-up tool should you use?

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bendable pick up tool used in car engine The pick-up tool required will largely depend on the task it is required for. Pick-up tools are often used by mechanics to collect small items from engines. Bendable pick-up tools are the most useful for this task as they can bend around the parts of the engine.

Pick-up tools which have lights and mirrors attached can also be very useful when working with engines to help see in dark spaces or around objects.

Telescopic pick up tool down a drain Telescopic pick-up tools are available in longer lengths compared to bendable pick-up tools, therefore if the tool is required for a task reaching a large distance, such as retrieving something from a drain, a telescopic pick-up tool may be preferable.
Clawed and magnetic pickup tool Clawed pick-up tools are preferable over magnetic tools when you need to pick-up a non-magnetic material. However, the clawed tool, which also has a magnet, allows you to pick-up both magnetic and non-magnetic materials making it a more multi-purpose tool.

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