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How to use a pick-up tool?

How to use a pick-up tool?

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Magnetic pick-up tool

Extending a telescopic tool

Step 1 – Extend pick-up tool

If you are using a telescopic pick-up tool, extend it by pulling the magnet end outwards until you reach the required length. If you are using a bendable pick-up tool, bend the tool shaft into the position required.

Telescopic magnet head labelled; 'magnet' and ' non magnetic protective casing'

Step 2 – Aim magnet

Aim the bottom centre of the magnet at the intended object. If the magnet has a casing around it, it will not be able to attract from the sides.

  Wonkee Donkee says a casing or a power ring!
picking up pliers with telescopic pick up tool

Step 3 – Pull to reach

The object should then stick to the magnet and the tool can pull it to reach.

Clawed pick-up tool

Claw pick up tool bent within a car engine

Step 1 – Bend shaft

Bend the flexible shaft into the position required, then aim the tool at the object you want to collect.

Plunger handle; top of handle resting in the palm of hand, index and middle fingers on plunger

Step 2 – Hold tool

Hold the pick-up tool with the top of the handle resting in your palm and your middle and index finger on either side of the plunger.

Clawed pick up tool

Step 3 – Push plunger

Push the plunger mechanism to open the claw around the intended object and release it to close the claw around the object.

Claw pick up tool retrieving object

Step 4 – Pull to reach

The object can now be pulled to reach by carefully lifting the pick-up tool.

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