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What are bendable pick-up tools?

What are bendable pick-up tools?

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Bendable pick up tool A bendable pick-up tool has the same neodymium magnet end as a telescopic pick-up tool. The shaft however, is flexible and can be bent into different positions.
Using a bendable pick up tool in a car engine This allows the user to reach at awkward angles and around other objects.
Flexible pick up tool which only flexible end Some bendable pick-up tools are only flexible at the magnet end. This allows for a small amount of manoeuvring around objects.

What size bendable pick-up tools are available?

Different sized bendable pick up tools The bendable pick-up tool is available in a number of different sizes to allow the user to reach different areas. Unlike the telescopic pick-up tool, though, it is permanently this length and not extendable. The bendable pick-up tools range from 460mm (18″) to 610mm (24″).
Pick up tool with power ring attatched Some pick-up tools are equipped with a power ring. This can be screwed around the magnet to focus the magnets attraction. If the power ring is unscrewed the magnet can attract from all sides.
Flexible pick up tool with LED light Like the telescopic pick-up tool, bendable pick-up tools are available with an LED light to further aid the finding and collecting of objects.

What attachments are available?

Bendable pick up tool with attachable mirror Some bendable pick-up tools are available with attachable mirror heads. By attaching a mirror to the pick-up tool, the mirror is aiding the collection of an object by allowing the user to see around objects obstructing their view.

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