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What are the parts of a telescopic pick-up tool?

What are the parts of a telescopic pick-up tool?

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Parts of a telescopic pick up tool; cushioned handle, extendible shaft, un-extended sections, neodymium magnet
The telescopic pick-up tool is made up of three basic parts: the handle, the telescopic shaft sections and the neodymium magnet end.

Neodymium magnet on a telescopic pick-up tool

Neodymium magnet end All magnetic pick-up tools have a neodymium magnet end to attract ferromagnetic objects. Neodymium magnets are the strongest commercially available magnets, although the magnets in pick-up tools vary in size and strength.

Cushioned handle on a telescopic pick-up tool

Cushioned handle Some telescopic pick-up tools have a rubber cushioned handle to provide extra grip in wet or oily hands, however this is not stardard for all telescopic pick-up tools. Others can have plastic or metal handles.

Telescopic pick-up tool shaft

Telescopic shaft The telescopic shaft has separate metal sections which extend the tool. Different length tools can have a varying number of sections, they are sometimes known by their number of sections. For example, a 7 section pick-up tool.

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