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What are the parts of a clawed pick-up tool?

What are the parts of a clawed pick-up tool?

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Parts of a clawed pick up tool; spring handle mechanism, flexible shaft, clawed end
Clawed pick-up tools have a clawed end instead of a magnet, a bendable connecting shaft and a plunger handle to operate the claw.

Spring handle mechanism on a clawed pick-up tool

Plunger spring handle The handle on the clawed pick-up tool is plastic and has a plunger spring handle. When pushed, the plunger opens the claws and when released it closes.

Flexible clawed pick-up tool shaft

Bendable pick up tool shaft The metal shaft of the bendable pick-up tool is flexible. Despite being flexible, the metal is rigid enough to stay in the position it is bent into.

Clawed pick-up tool end

Clawed end Claws can have two or four jaws. These are made from wire and are curved in at the ends to grip the object.

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