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What are clawed pick-up tools?

What are clawed pick-up tools?

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Clawed pick up tool The clawed pick-up tool has a clawed end which allows the user to pick up all materials, not just magnetic materials. The handle has a plunger spring mechanism that, when pushed, opens the claw around the selected object and then closes once released.
Claw The claw can have either two or four jaws, usually made from metal wire.
Magnetic and claw pick up tool, labelled; magnet and claw Some clawed pick-up tools also have a magnet, allowing the user to pick up both magnetic and non-magnetic materails with the tool.

What clawed pick-up tool sizes are available?

Different sized clawed pick up tools The clawed pick-up tool comes in various sizes. This is the tool’s permanent size and unlike the telescopic pick-up tool, it is not extendable. The clawed pick-up tool is available in lengths from 600mm (24″) to 700mm (27.5″).
Clawed pick up tool with LED light It can be bought with a LED light fitting to aid the collection of objects. The light is in the centre of the object and is turned on and off by a switch on the handle.

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