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Pick-Up Tool Maintenance and Care

Pick-up tool maintenance and care

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Thermometer When working with magnets, they tend to keep their efficiency over time. However, as with all magnets, it is important that they do to exceed their maximum operating temperature. Once the magnet exceeds its maximum operating temperature, it begins to demagnetize and this cannot be reversed. The maximum operating temperature for neodymium magnets is 80°C.
Neodymium disc magnets It is also important that the magnet’s coating does not get scratched or worn away as the coating protects from corrosion.
Bent pick up tool Make sure when using your pick-up tool that you do not exceed the tool’s maximum lift level (information given on the tool) as although the magnet itself may be able to lift heavier objects, the weight could bend or break the shaft of the pick-up tool.

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