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What are the different types of pick-up tool?

What are the different types of pick-up tool?

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Telescopic pick-up tools

Telescopic pick up tool A telescopic pick-up tool is extendable by telescopic sections. It has a magnet end to pick up magnetic materials and is also available with a cushioned rubber handle.

Bendable pick-up tools

Bendable pick up tool The bendable pick-up tool is usually a set length but is flexible to be bent into different positions. Some bendable pick-up tools are flexible from the handle to the magnet end and some are only part flexible.

Clawed pick-up tools

Clawed pick up tool The clawed pick-up tool has a clawed end with a spring handle mechanism to open and close the claw, allowing it to pick up non-magnetic materials. Some clawed pick-up tools also have a magnetic centre.

Large pick-up tools

Large pick up tool The large pick-up tool is used to pick up numerous small items at a time from the floor. The large disc magnet can hold over 100 nails at a time!

Hinge joint pick-up tools

Hinge joint pick up tool The hinge joint pick-up tool has a telescopic shaft with a double ball hinge joint connecting the magnet. This allows the magnet to be rotated 360°.

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