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What are telescopic pick-up tools?

What are telescopic pick-up tools?

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Telescopic pick up tool A telescopic pick-up tool has a neodymium magnet in the end used to attract ferromagnetic objects. It is known as a telescopic pick-up tool as it is extendable by telescopic sections to allow the user to reach further.

What telescopic pick-up tool sizes are available?

Different length of telescopic pick up tool Telescopic pick-up tools come in varying lengths. This can range from 125mm (5″) to 150mm (6″) unextended and between 500mm (19.6″) and 685mm (27″) extended. The most preferable length will depend on the task being undertaken.
Kilograms and pounds The lift or pull force of the magnet can also vary between pick-up tools. The length of pick-up tool or size of magnet does not affect its lift capacity; rather, it depends on the strength of the magnet.

The lift force of the telescopic pick-up tool ranges from 0.9kg (2lbs) – 2.25kg (5lbs).

Heavy duty pick up tool A heavy duty telescopic pick-up tool is available which extends from 195mm (7.6″) to 800mm (31.4″) and has a maximum lift of 3.5kg (7.7lbs).
Pick up tool with power ring attatched Some pick-up tools are equipped with a power ring. This can be screwed around the magnet to focus the magnet’s attraction. If the power ring is unscrewed, the magnet can attract from its sides as well.
Magnetic pick up tool with LED light Telescopic pick-up tools are also available with an LED light, either at the magnet end or at the tip of the handle. This can be advantageous, as pick-up tools are often used in dark places such as car engines or drains, where it is hard to see the object you are trying to reach.

Are there any attachments available?

Pick up tool with attachable mirror The telescopic pick-up tool is available with either an attaching or interchangeable mirror. The attaching mirror simply clips on, providing extra support to the pick-up tool.
Pick up tool with interchangeable mirror heads The interchangeable mirror replaces the magnet end with a mirror, creating a different tool, an inspection mirror.
Inspection mirror in use in car engine Inspection mirrors can aid the finding and observing of objects in hard to reach areas, especially in car engines where there may be other parts obstructing the view.

Pocket pick-up tool

Pocket pick up tool The pocket pick-up tool is a smaller, lightweight version of the telescopic model. It is still extendable but is generally shorter and has a pocket clip to allow it to be carried around easily.
Pocket pick-up The pocket pick-up tool is 140mm (5.5″) unextended with a 648mm (25.5″) maximum extension. A version of the pocket pick-up tool is also available which does not extend, this is around 152mm (6″) long.

The pocket pick-up tool can lift between 0.6kg (1 1/2lbs) and 1.5kg (3 1/2lbs).

Are there any similar devices?

Pick up torch The pick-up torch has the basic structure of a torch, with an extendable magnetic pick-up tool in the centre.
   Wonkee Donkee says ; the torch contains super bright LED lights
extended pick up torch The extendable manget is telescopic and can sometimes have a flexible end.
part extended pick up torch The pick-up tool is used by pulling back the head of the torch to release the tool and manually extending it to the required length. The tool can extend to 93cm (36″).

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