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What is an earth rammer?

What is an earth rammer?

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earth rammer which wooden handle and metal head An earth rammer, sometimes called a tamper, is a hand tool used in the construction industry to compress or compact earth or soil. Compacting the earth makes it hard and level, an ideal groundwork for projects that need a hard, flat surface.Earth rammers can also be used for DIY projects such as erecting a fence post or laying a patio.
layers of compacted soil The earth rammer creates a solid, compacted layer of earth by compressing the soil repeatedly with its weight.
earth rammer in use, compacting down layers of fine gravel This method is often used to prepare land before paving or concreting to prevent the supporting material from becoming too porous to support the heavier materials.

What surfaces can an earth rammer be used on?

square earth rammer in use on soil in path foundation An earth rammer is usually used to compact loose earth or soil. It can also be used with fine gravel, clay, or sand.
square rammer on fine gravel Any big rocks or stones should be removed from the mixture before using the earth rammer and it should not be used on an already hard surface as this could damage the rammer.

How does an earth rammer work?

Close up earth rammer head being used on soil Earth rammers work by compacting multiple layers of earth. The weight of the tool’s head pushes the soil particles together until there is no room left for air and the soil becomes one mass. This mass is now solid and hard.

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