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What is an Anti-shock Earth Rammer?

What is an anti-shock earth rammer?

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anti shock earth rammer At present, the anti-shock rammer head is only available for square headed earth rammers. It is a reinforced cast iron head with a flat face that has a built-in shock absorber. Due to its shock absorber, the rammer can be useful for large projects because it reduces user fatigue. As it’s square headed it also lends itself well for use on edges.

How does it work?

shock absorber The main function of a shock absorber is to cushion movements and impacts. It does this by slowing down and reducing the size of the back and forth motion being created.
Shock absorbers absorb the excess kinetic energy (energy produced during motion) given when the earth rammer hits the earth. This energy is then discharged by storing or transferring it into another form of energy. In an earth rammer, a spring-like mechanism is used to do this.

What are the advantages?

anti shock rammer head with labelled shock absorber at the base of the rammer handle The built-in shock absorber can help reduce user fatigue. As a result, this rammer is ideal for use on large projects that might take a long time, or for surfaces that might need a lot of ramming and would otherwise cause the user to become tired quickly..

The anti-shock rammer might also be preferable for people who suffer from back strain as it eases the pressure on the user.

Does the head come in different sizes?

8 inch by 8 inch head diagram The anti-shock earth rammer head is currently only available in 200mm x 200mm (8in x 8in) head size.

Are there different types of handle available?

Currently, anti-shock earth rammers are only available with a steel handle.

The handle to this type of rammer is 107cm (42″) long.

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