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How to use an earth rammer?

How to use an earth rammer

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Choosing the correct size and weight

two people using an earth rammer to ram sand in a wall framework The length of the handle should be almost as tall as you are to avoid back strain.

The weight will depend largely on the size of the rammer head. A larger head is more beneficial if ramming a large area of soil, and will weigh more than a smaller rammer head.

Step 1 – Find a comfortable stance 

Stand with the rammer in front of you, grasping the handle in both hands.

Make sure you stand with your back straight to avoid strain.

man holding an earth rammer in front of him ready to tamp down fine gravel

Step 2 – Raise and drop rammer

Raise the rammer one or two feet above the ground before letting the tool drop back down onto the ground, compressing the earth.

As you drop the rammer, maintain a loose grip on the handle to avoid the rammer rebounding sideways.

This motion is then repeated over the same spot until the materials are compacted.

woman holding earth rammer above her head Manual earth rammers are fairly lightweight and easy to use by one person, making them preferable over a power rammer for small scale projects.

How do you know the earth ramming is complete?

soil compacted and soil not yet compacted within a wall framework Once the earth is completely compacted, the rammer will make a ‘ping’ sound when it hits the compacted earth.
 Wonkee Donkee says listen out for the ping!

Is user fatigue a problem when using an earth rammer?

tired man It can be, more so when using a manual rammer, so for larger projects, a mechanical rammer can be used to prevent user fatigue.

Otherwise, taking breaks between ramming each layer of your project is recommended.

Alternatively, the anti-shock manual rammer can remove some user fatigue.

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