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How to lay turf using an earth rammer?

How to lay turf using an earth rammer?

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Before you order the turf you must prepare the ground, so that the turf can be laid out immediately after it arrives.
man ranking lawn

Step 1 – Prepare ground

Clear the area from any existing turf and weeds. Use a weed killer and leave for a couple of weeks. Once the ground is clear, dig over the soil and then rake to make sure it is flat and even.

rolling turf out onto garden flat

Step 2 – Use rammer

Water the ground and compact with an earth rammer. If you are compacting a large area, then a mechanical rammer may be desirable. You can always use a manual rammer afterwards to compact edges and smaller areas.

tamping down lawn using a rake or earth rammer

Step 3 – Lay turf

Lay the turf and cut to size from the underside (soil side). Stretch and pull out any creases, then lightly ram down the turf with a rake or manual rammer to ensure good contact with the soil underneath. Soak the lawn thoroughly in the weeks following, until the turf has taken root.

brooming sand into synthetic turf If you’re laying down synthetic turf, do not water. Instead, to finish, you will need to use a broom to brush the turf upright. Next, sprinkle dry silica sand evenly over the turf and using a broom, brush it to the base of the turf.

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