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What is a Fencing Tamper?

What is a fencing tamper?

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fencing tamper with rounded rammer head and solid metal framework A fencing tamper is an earth rammer with a round head specialised for ramming earth into fence post holes.

How is it different from other earth rammers?

man using fence tamper to tamp earth in a fence post hole around a fence post A fencing tamper has a round head which makes it suitable for fencing applications where the compact area would often be circular.

It is also particularly useful when access to a small space is needed. The fence tamper rams earth back into the hole after a post has been inserted, to secure it in place.

Fencing tampers are smaller than other earth rammers and have an average weight of 4kg (8.13lbs).

Why use one?

close up of round fencing tamper head Using rammed soil around fence posts instead of concrete can be preferable, as in a concrete-set post, water can congregate at the bottom and rot the wood.

Fence tampers have circular heads suited to tamping fence post holes easily.

The ground buster and attachment

ground buster without attachment so has open pointed end Also available for ramming earth when erecting a fence post is the ground buster and attachment. A ground buster is used to break the ground where the fence post is to go; the earth is then removed.
Man using ground buster to make slits in the ground to loosen it for fence post hole

How does it work?

Tamping attachments for ground busters are now available. They are screwed onto the ground buster once the hole has been excavated and the post inserted.

The end of the ground buster in inserted in-between the two sides of the tamping attachment, then you simply turn the screw to tighten and hold it in place. It can then be used as a normal tamping device.
Half round fence post A tamping attachment is particularly useful when erecting posts that are semi-circular as the tamping attachment is designed for this shape.
ground buster tamping attachment If fence post tamping is your main use for an earth rammer, this style may be ideal as it combines two fence post tools, saving money and space.

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