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Advantages and Disadvantages of using Mechanical Earth Rammers

Advantages and disadvantages of using
mechanical earth rammers

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mechanical earth rammer in use
  • Its quick! Using an electrical earth rammer is twice as fast as using a manual one
  • Useful when ramming a large area as it covers the surface quicker
  • Less physically demanding than a manual rammer
  • Rammers with a reverse mechanism can be easier to manoeuvre in small spaces


man angry at noise pollution
  • Can be dangerous if not used correctly
  • Very noisy! If using within a residential area, a manual rammer may be preferable
  • Fuel source required – usually petrol or oil
  • Can be difficult to compact small areas and edges
Petrol can
  • Less accuracy in small spaces
  • Not ideal for compacting trenches with pipes or cables in as it can cause damage to them
  • Can sometimes need to be handled by two people for stability and safety
Wonkee Donkee says check noise pollution laws and hours before using a mechanical rammer in residential or built up areas!

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