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Earth Rammer Maintenance and Care

Earth rammer maintenance and care

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Do earth rammers rust?

rain over a shed This is dependent on the material of your earth rammer, but if left out in constant or heavy rain, metal-handled rammers will begin to rust over time.

Likewise, a wooden handle left in constant rain will begin to rot.

Crack in fibreglass earth rammer handle Fibreglass handles do not rust as they are made from glass and plastic. Over time though, plastic can lose its elasticity and crack or become brittle.

To maintain the life of you earth rammer, it’s best to keep it indoors or covered.

How do you keep them clean?

Clumps of mud stuck to rammer head It is important to check that clumps of soil are not left stuck to the bottom of the rammer head, as this will affect the rammer’s performance.

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