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How to lay a patio or lay paving slabs?

How to lay a patio or paving slabs
using an earth rammer

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marked out patio lines with wooden pegs

Step 1 – Mark out

Mark out the dimensions of the patio with wooden pegs and string.

dig down hole 6 inches deep

Step 2 – Dig out area

Dig out the area, going about 15cm (6″) down.

Step 3 – Mark with wooden stakes

Drive wooden stakes around the base, making sure they are all level. This will be the marker for your base layer.

Stakes should be about 8cm (3″) high.

first layer of rammed earth in patio base

Step 4 – Add base layer

Use a base layer of moist soil, rock and sand etc. to create a compactable mixture, then spread evenly over the area to the height of your 3″ wooden stakes.

Using a manual or mechanical earth rammer, compact the soil evenly.

half paved patio

Step 5 – Add water mix

Lay down a water mix over your compacted soil. Your water mix will be a mixture of sand and cement.

Place paving slabs onto the water mix as you go along, checking constantly with a spirit level that they are even. Use a rubber mallet to secure in place.

Leave for 24 hours, then use a dryer form of water mix to fill in the joins (gaps between paving slabs).
completed patio slabs

Step 6 – Leave for 24 hours

Leave for another 24 hours for the slabs to fully set in place

completed patio Your patio is complete for use!
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