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What are earth rammed houses?

What are rammed earth houses?

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earth rammed house Earth rammed houses are built with walls made from rammed earth. Despite rammed earth being one of the oldest building techniques used by man, rammed earth houses have only recently become popular again in western countries.

Rammed earth can be used not only to make houses, but other structures such as sheds or walls.

Why has there been a revival in earth rammed houses?

earth rammed shed There are many benefits to earth rammed housing, namely its cost and availability, as earth is a universally and naturally-available product.
rammed earth building It has also become more popular because of the recent turn towards eco-friendly construction.

By using natural materials, earth rammed housing is far more environmentally friendly than conventional construction methods, helping to address problems such as deforestation as well as toxic building materials and emissions.

earth rammed building in africa Another benefit of earth rammed housing is its relatively low building costs when compared to other methods.
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