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What is a Mechanical Earth Rammers?

What is a mechanical earth rammer?

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man using power rammer on soil ground Sometimes known as a ‘rammer compactor’ or a ‘vibratory rammer’, a mechanical earth rammer does the same job as a manual earth rammer in compacting loose soil, but with more force and usually a larger rammer face.

How does it work?

power tamper being used to ram earth in a thin garden trench Power rammers not only compress the soil, but also vibrate the individual dirt particles, moving them together to fit as tightly as possible, whilst removing any air particles.

A mechanical rammer is manoeuvred by hand and powered normally by either petrol or diesel. Mechanical rammers are much more expensive than manual rammers, however they are often available to rent.

They are available in different plate/head sizes for different areas needing to be tamped.

What are the different types?

There are two main types of mechanical rammer: the vibratory plate style and the rammer head style.
vibratory plate style earth rammer

Vibratory plate

The vibratory plate style is used for covering very large areas such as in landscaping projects.

Some mechanical rammers have separate oil and petrol tanks, while others require pre-mixing of oil and petrol for a single fuel tank.

rammer head style mechanical rammer

Rammer head compacter

A rammer head compactor has more force than a vibratory plate rammer so is preferable when the earth needs to be very solidly compacted. If the ground just needs lightly compacting or flattening, then a vibratory plate rammer would be sufficient.

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