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How to use a mechanical earth rammer?

How to use a mechanical earth rammer

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Below are some things to consider when using a mechanical earth rammer:
how to hold a mechanical earth rammer, hands with side of the handle with thumbs resting on the upper side of the handle Never start the rammer on a hard surface as this could damage the machine.

Push on the handlebar with a downward force to keep control.

power tamper in use in large trench The number of times an area needs to be rammed will depend on the content, amount and depth of the soil.

Water can be added to soil to keep dust under control and aid compaction.

how to position a mechanical earth rammer when in use, rammer plate parallel to the ground not titled front or back Do not force the mechanical rammer forward; allow it to move itself, guided only by you using the handle. Force on the back or front of the plate will damage it.

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