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What Sizes Of DeWalt Angle Grinder Are Available?

What sizes of DeWalt Angle Grinder are available?

Different types of DeWalt Angle Grinder.

The size of an angle grinder is based on the diameter of the grinding or cutting disc it can accommodate. The main sizes produced by DeWalt are 115mm (4½”), 125mm (5″) and 230mm (9″), although 180mm (7″) models are also available.


The disc diameter measurement is based on a new, unused cutting, grinding or flap disc.

Different uses for angle grinders.

An angle grinder’s size affects the speed, power and depth of cut of the tool, and consequently determines the types of application it is most suitable for.


Angle grinders that use larger discs are driven by bigger, more powerful motors than smaller models. On the other hand, smaller grinders operate at higher rpms and are lighter, so are easier to handle.

115mm DeWalt Angle Grinders

The most common size is the 115mm (4½”) angle grinder, often called a mini grinder, which has a no-load speed of between 10,000rpm and 12,000rpm. No-load speed is the maximum speed the motor can run at when it is running free (i.e. not cutting or grinding).

Although the high speed of the tool means that it is excellent for rapid polishing and sanding tasks and for cutting softer materials like wood, the smaller discs do tend to wear out faster so need to be replaced more frequently.


However, because this size of grinder is the most popular, cutting and grinding discs that are 115mm in diameter are widely available and more affordable.

Another benefit of the 115mm angle grinder is that is is lightweight compared to the larger models and can be used one-handed for some light-duty applications.


These smaller grinders are more comfortable to use and much safer than the heavy-duty, industrial models. Most of them weigh between 1.5kg and 2.5kg.

Whilst 115mm angle grinders do have a number of strengths, their main weakness is their limited depth of cut, as the size of the disc will dictate the depth of cut that can be made.


The radius of a 115mm disc is 57.5mm but this is not equal to the depth of cut. When the diameter of the disc’s bore (22mm) and the size of rim around the bore (usually about 5mm), are taken into account, the maximum cut depth will be around 40mm.

230mm DeWalt Angle Grinders

The biggest angle grinders will accommodate grinding and cutting discs that are 230mm (9″) in diameter. They have more powerful motors than smaller grinders, but operate at a lower speed, typically around 6500rpm.

Because they are more robust, 230mm angle grinders are better for metal removal and other heavy-duty work. In addition, the bigger surface area of the discs they employ means that they are more effective at grinding large surfaces.

However, due to their power, these grinders can be quite heavy and difficult to control, weighing roughly between 5kg and 7kg.


They should always be held with two hands, using both the main and auxiliary handles, and are usually employed by professional tradesmen such as builders and welders.

180mm DeWalt Angle Grinders

In contrast to the mighty 230mm models, 180mm angle grinders are considerably easier to handle as they are lighter and so safer to use. They are capable of completing most of the heavy-duty jobs usually associated with 230mm grinders.


Despite this, if you plan on doing particularly heavy-duty grinding or cutting, a larger model would be most effective. 

125mm DeWalt Angle Grinders

These medium-sized angle grinders are more powerful and offer a larger cutting depth than mini grinders, so might suit people who don’t want the weight and bulk of a 230mm machine.


This is also the disc size of DeWalt’s versatile cordless angle grinders.

Which angle grinder size is best?

For heavy-duty tasks, a 230mm or 180mm DeWalt angle grinder that runs at a lower speed is best as it will be less susceptible to overheating than a smaller, faster model.


However, if you plan on using your grinder for a wide variety of different kinds of jobs, then a 115mm model could prove more versatile.

If you’re intending to use your angle grinder for lengthy work sessions, its weight is another important consideration.


Angle grinders tend to be slightly heavier than other power tools, so that they can exert enough pressure for grinding and cutting hard materials. The heavier the grinder, the less force you need to use yourself. However, the weight of larger models can prove tiring over long periods of time.

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