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What are Flexovit Flap Discs?

What are Flexovit Flap Discs?

With a wide selection of sanding discs available on the market, it can be confusing as to which will be the right fit for the job. Choosing the right sanding disc for the task at hand can save you a lot of time and effort, whilst also providing you with the best finish. At Wonkee Donkee Tools we are here to help, and in this article, we explain what is a Flexovit Flap Disc, and when and why you should use one. 


A well-known brand within the trade industry, Flexovit designs and manufactures high-performance abrasives, wheels and discs for industrial applications. Driven by an aim to meet every grinding, sharpening, finishing, cutting and polishing need possible, its collections include a vast range of products, each specialising to work for different materials and finishes. Part of the Saint-Gobain Abrasives Brand that operates in 66 countries with over 170,000, Flexovit products are trusted worldwide.

What is a Flap Disc?

Also referred to as flap wheels, flap discs are a commonly used tool when trying to shape or conform metal with an angle grinder. Receiving the name flap discs due to their structure, these attachments are formed by the overlapping of multiple abrasive material sections. Typically the material used for the ‘flaps’ is either a polyester or polycotton material, upon which abrasive materials are added. Once layered, the ‘flaps’ are added to a backing plate disc that adds both stability and the fastening mechanism to be attached to an angle grinder.

What is a Flexovit Flap Disc?

As previously mentioned, Flexovit is an industry leader when it comes to high-performance abrasives, and flap discs are no exception. Continuously innovating and developing new technologies, Flexovit solutions are manufactured to the highest quality, lasting much longer than cheaper alternatives. The Flexovit Flap Disc works through the angles of the flaps making more abrasive contact with the material than a typical fibre disc would. This increased contact vastly improves the performance, efficiency and desired finish. Perfect for projects where you need to sand or contour metal surfaces, finishing castings, deburring and blending welds, flap discs are effective for use with metals, woods and paints.


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