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What is an aluminium wrecking bar?

What is an aluminium wrecking bar?

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aluminium wrecking bar, wrecking bar, crowbar, The aluminium wrecking bar has a rather misleading name – though it is both a bar and constructed from aluminium, it should not be used in a wrecking or demolition capacity under any circumstances. Because this type of bar is made of aluminium, it is not a high strength tool and will not resist deformation or bending.
aluminium wrecking bar, aluminium tool, crowbar, pry bar, aligning bar, wrecking bar, This type of bar is in fact very similar to the aligning bar (see: What is an aligning bar?), in that it is not designed for prying in order to remove or break up materials, but to manoeuvre flanges and bolt holes into alignment.
bent aluminium, aluminium, soft metal, Unlike the aligning bar, however, the aluminium wrecking bar should not be used to lift heavy sheets of metal into position or locate bolt holes in construction, due to its lack of strength and resistance to deformation.
aligning flanges, align flanges, flanges, bolt holes, Aluminium wrecking bars are most suited to light locating tasks, such as checking the alignment of bolt holes and flanges in precise work like engineering and vehicle manufacture and maintenance.
pipe, pieces of pipe, copper pipe, metal pipe, They may also be used, with great care, to bend small sections of pipe without damaging its internal radii. However, we recommend that this is only used as a last-resort bending tool – where a more suitable tool such as a pipe bender or pipe bending spring can be used, we strongly recommend that it is.
aluminium wrecking bar, labelled aluminium wrecking bar, wrecking bar, crowbar, This type of bar is manufactured with a square-cut shaft and two slightly cranked, conical ends. A square-cut shaft can make a tool easier to work with, by providing four flat sides for the hand to rest on.

What aluminium wrecking bar sizes are available?

aluminium wrecking bar, wrecking bar, crowbar, aluminium tool, The aluminium wrecking bar is available in one length of 430mm (16.9in), and weighs 400g (14.1oz).
loaf of bread, bread, bread loaf, For comparison, this means that an aluminium wrecking bar weighs the same as an ordinary loaf of bread.

What advantage does an aluminium wrecking bar offer?

rust resistance, corrosion resistance, no rust, As a material, aluminium has the substantial advantage of rust and corrosion resistance.
aluminium oxide, oxide coating, chemical reactions, how does aluminium resist rust, why is aluminium rust resistant, This is because, when aluminium is introduced to the atmosphere, its reaction to oxygen creates a thin layer across the entire surface of the metal; this is known as aluminium oxide. This layer then acts as a protective coating, providing resistance to rust and most other forms of corrosion.
scratched metal, damaged metal, sacrificial finish, The aluminium wrecking bar also offers the advantage of a ‘sacrificial’ material finish. When working with very precise or delicate machine parts, the surface of an aluminium wrecking bar will dent or scratch readily.
delicate machinery, cogs, machine parts, engineering, While this may initially seem like a disadvantage, it has the benefit of allowing the user to ‘sacrifice’ the finish on the aluminium wrecking bar, for the sake of preserving the finish and form of the workpiece. In engineering, this may be vital.
savings, piggy bank, piggy bank clip art, savings bank, bank, savings clipart, saving money, As a result of their lack of durability and potentially ‘sacrificial’ use, aluminium wrecking bars are an inexpensive tool to buy.

What is an aluminium wrecking bar used for?

An aluminium wrecking bar should only be used for the following tasks:
small bolt holes, bolt holes, bolt, flange, flanges, bolts, Aligning lightweight bolt holes and flanges.
small pipe, small section of pipe, copper pipe, exhaust pipe, Bending small sections of pipe – with great care!

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