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What is a mini wrecking bar?

What is a mini wrecking bar?

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mini wrecking bar, mini crowbar, A number of manufacturers produce a smaller, ‘mini’ version of a wrecking bar, intended for very light tasks.
pocket crowbar, pocket wrecking bar, pocket pry bar, Though even smaller bars may be available as ‘novelty’ tools, designed for opening bottles and mobile phone casings, the mini wrecking bar is the smallest true bar available. (See: Miscellaneous and novelty crowbars for more information on some of the ‘novelty’ types of bar available. For fun only!)
wrecking bar, mini wrecking bar, labeled wrecking bar, Mini wrecking bars usually feature a bent claw and a straight claw, each with a nail slot. The straight claw may also incorporate a nail puller.
thin shaft, wrecking bar, mini wrecking bar, crowbar, crowbar shaft, crowbar shank, The shaft of a mini wrecking bar is invariably flat and thin, for lightness and penetration into tight spaces, such as beneath the lids of paint cans.
mini wrecking bar size comparison, crowbar, mini wrecking bar, mini crowbar, pocket crowbar, Mini wrecking bars come in one size of 190mm (7.5in) long – slightly shorter than a biro – and weigh just 77g, fractionally lighter than a bar of soap.

What is a mini wrecking bar used for?

Mini wrecking bars should only be used for very light tasks, such as:
pins, small pins, metal pins, insulation pins, Pulling small nails or pins
floor staples, staples, Removing floor staples
small strip of wood, floor tac, gripper rod, rod grip, Prying up small strips of wood
paint can, can, open can, open paint can, Opening cans, bottles and jars

What are mini wrecking bars made of?

aluminium, Mini wrecking bars are manufactured from a steel alloy containing a percentage of aluminium.
bent aluminium, bent aluminium bar, It is important to note that these bars are not designed for longevity or durability, and should only be used for light tasks; this is reflected in the alloy. Aluminium has a very low tensile strength, meaning it will not resist bending or twisting if a high degree of force is applied to the shaft.
mini wrecking bar, mini crowbar, mini crowbar size, 190mm crowbar, The benefit of an alloy containing aluminium in such a small bar is its light weight; aluminium is one of the lightest alloying elements available.
no rust, rust resistant, corrosion resistance, Additionally, aluminium naturally resists corrosion. This is very useful in a bar which will be used to open cans, bottles or jars containing liquids, and means that it requires less maintenance and care than other bars.

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