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What is a roofing crowbar and hammer?

What is a roofing crowbar and hammer?

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roofing bar, roofing crowbar, roofing bar and hammer, gorilla bar, The roofing crowbar and hammer (not to be confused with the roofing bar) is a heavy-duty wrecking bar designed for lifting, breaking and hammering roof laths and tiles. It incorporates a bent chisel end, with a flat heel, and a soft grip handle at the opposite end. Because this bar is intended for use at height, the handle also incorporates a hole through which arrest equipment can be attached (see: What is arrest equipment? below.)
gorilla, male gorilla, Like the heavy-duty wrecking bar, this type of bar is sometimes marketed as a ‘gorilla’ bar, due to its strength and toughness.
low profile claw, The roofing crowbar and hammer uses the same claw design as the heavy-duty wrecking bar: the claw is low profile and highly polished, making penetration between tightly fastened objects easier.
wide claw, wide surface area, The claw also shares the wide surface area of the heavy-duty wrecking bar’s claw. This prevents damage to surfaces in contact with the claw, by spreading the force applied over a wider area.
benefit of a flat claw, wrecking bar, crowbar, levering, leverage, The flat heel of the roofing crowbar and hammer has two benefits:

One is to allow the easy insertion of the claw beneath heavy objects.

hammering nail, roofing hammer, roofing bar and hammer, hammer, hammer and nail, The other benefit is the ability of the flat edge to be used as a hammer – hence the name ‘roofing crowbar and hammer’. While holding the bar by the soft handle, it is possible to strike objects with this part of the bar where necessary, eliminating the need for an additional tool. This can be especially useful when working on roofs or scaffolding, where fewer tools are better.

What is ‘arrest equipment’?

arrest equipment, tool lanyard, fall arrest equipment, building equipment, safety equipment, The term ‘arrest equipment’ has nothing to do with the police force – it refers to apparatus used when working at height (such as on roofs or scaffolding) to keep workers or tools from falling. The kind used for tools is called a ‘tool lanyard’. Usually, this consists of an elasticated rope threaded through the handle of the tool and clipped to the arrest equipment worn by the worker – either a harness or a wrist strap.
arrest equipment, lanyard, fall arrest, tool lanyard, If the tool is dropped, it will dangle harmlessly and within reach, rather than falling to the ground, potentially to land on someone’s head!

What is a roofing crowbar and hammer used for?

roofing, roofers, roof, Removing roofing materials such as tiles, joists and flashing.
hammering nail, nail, nailing, Hammering in nails.
removing nails, pull nails, remove nails, Removing nails.

What roofing crowbar and hammer sizes are available?

sizes, measurements, roofing crowbar and hammer, gorilla bar, The roofing crowbar and hammer comes in a standard length of 425mm (17in), or a ‘plus’ size 950mm (38in) model.
wood filler, The standard roofing crowbar and hammer weighs 898g (1.98lb), slightly less than a tin of wood filler.
newborn baby, baby,, While the ‘plus’ size model weighs substantially more at 3.3kg (7.28lb), the average birthweight of a baby in the UK!

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