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Can you repair a damaged wrecking bar?

Can you repair a damaged wrecking bar?

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A Bent Digging Bar No well-made bar should ever break or snap, but the metal that bars are constructed from can bend or twist with prolonged use.
Spring Steel If you are particularly concerned with the lifespan of your bar, it may be worth investing in one constructed from spring steel, which can be reformed more easily than other metals.For more information, see: What are bars made of?

What to do if your bar becomes bent or twisted

A Qualified Steelworker at Work Straightening a bent bar is not an easy task, and should not be undertaken lightly – this is a job which requires a high level of skill.
wrecking bar, straightening wrecking bar, Wonkee Donkee does not recommend that you attempt to straighten a wrecking bar on your own. This type of bar is simply not tough enough to withstand the high level of force needed to reform a bent bar, and you are more likely to break than mend your tool.
A Wallet A professional metalworker may be able to repair your bar. However, as wrecking bars are generally inexpensive, it may be wiser to buy a replacement, unless you need to repair one of the most expensive varieties, such as an adjustable wrecking bar.
Heating a Bar - Don't Do It!

Please note:

Do not heat your bar to make it more malleable – this will soften the metal permanently. Likewise, heating and then quenching the metal (dousing it in cold water) can cause it to harden too quickly, and become brittle.

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