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What is a T-type wrecking bar?

What is a T-type wrecking bar?

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t type wrecking bar, t type, double claw, wrecking bar, The T-type wrecking bar is distinguished by the double claw that it features in place of the traditional single bent claw: this incorporates two claws, both at 90 degrees to the shaft, with a ‘rocker’ head between them as opposed to the bent heel of the singular version. Both claws incorporate a nail slot.
t type wrecking bar, capital t, wrecking bar, The name ‘T-type’ comes from the similarity between the shape of the double claw and a capital letter ‘T’. The double clawed head is welded to the shaft; attaching the head by welding the two surfaces together should result in a durable, long-lived tool. Because welding melts the surrounding metals, causing the two to combine, cool and harden as one structure, the likelihood of the head breaking away from the shaft is low if the tool is used correctly.
break pallet, pallet breaking, The T-shaped claw is designed to offer more power by doubling the lifting capacity of the bent claw:When demolishing pallets or similar, both claws can potentially be inserted on either side of a gap. Rather than using a levering action to lift each area, the shaft of the wrecking bar can then be used to pull both claws upwards at once, lifting both sections of material.
angles, right angle, acute angle, obtuse angle, Additionally, though both claws are forged at 90° to the ‘neck’ of the shaft, their angle to the shaft as a whole is affected by their relationship to its angled bend. Therefore, a double claw offers two separate claw angles; an acute angle of about 50 degrees, and an obtuse angle of about 135 degrees.
acute angle, t type wrecking bar, wrecking bar, This allows for more varied use: the acutely angled claw offers an increased angle of leverage where required, and can better grip surfaces for ripping tasks…
obtuse angle, wrecking bar claw, t type wrecking bar, …while the obtusely angled claw can be used for gentler prying applications, where less force is required, or to lift and move objects only a short distance.
t bar, swinging crowbar, crowbar, Due to the weight and width of the T-shaped head, it is also possible to use the T-type wrecking bar as a multi-functional demolition tool, swinging it like a bat or a hammer to break through plasterboard, studs or tiles.
wide chisel edge, chisel edge, wide chisel, chisel edge, crowbar, t type wrecking bar, wrecking bar, As well as its double claw, the T-type wrecking bar incorporates a hexagonal shaft and wide chisel edge. The hexagonal shaft offers grip, and the wide chisel edge offers a greater contact surface for prying and lifting applications in which damage to the work surface is to be avoided.

What are T-type wrecking bars used for?

T-type wrecking bars can be used for a number of demolition, ripping and  wrecking tasks, including:
pallet, pallets, stack of pallets, Pallet breaking
plasterboard, break up plasterboard, remove plasterboard, Demolishing plasterboard and drywall
ripping up flooring, take out flooring, remove flooring, how to lift flooring, Breaking up decking and flooring
remove moulding, take out moulding, take out dado rail, take out chair rail, Ripping out mouldings
nail pulling, pull nails, remove nails, pull out nails, Nail pulling

What T-type wrecking bar sizes are available?

t type wrecking bar, wrecking bar, t bar, measurements, T-type wrecking bars are available in a range of sizes from 600-1200mm (24-48in), and weights from 1.8-3.2kg (3lb 15oz-7lb).
2L bottle, bottle of water, water, 2L bottle of water, For comparison, that means that the lightest T-type wrecking bar available weighs slightly less than a 2-litre bottle of water …
3L bottle water, bottle of water, bottled water, 3L bottle, … while the heaviest weighs slightly more than a 3-litre bottle.
law of the lever, archimedes, archimedes law of the lever, As with all bars, the longer the bar you choose, the better the leverage, while a shorter bar will offer more control and precision over the task at hand.

What are T-type wrecking bars made of?

High carbon steel

carbon, carbon symbol, carbon element, carbon periodic table, T-type wrecking bars are made of drop forged ‘heavy-duty’ carbon steel – high carbon steel – which is heat treated and tempered for additional strength.
high carbon, strong, high carbon steel, strong steel, For more information on the different types of steel, see our earlier page: What are bars made of?

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