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How to align bolt holes using a wrecking bar?

How to align bolt holes using a wrecking bar?

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aluminium wrecking bar, wrecking bar, crowbar, In construction and engineering, misaligned bolt holes will need to be aligned. For small holes in light workpieces, this can be done using an aluminium wrecking bar.
misaligned bolt holes, unaligned bolt hole, bolt hole, bolt hole out of alignment, If bolt holes are not properly aligned, bolts may be fastened at an angle, loosening the connection between ‘mating’ objects. This can result in structural instability.

Wonkee’s hoof-by-hoof guide

To align misaligned bolt holes, just follow these simple steps:
insert bar into hole,

Step 1 – Insert conical point into first hole

Push the conical point of your bar into the first or top hole.

insert bar into second hole,

Step 2 – Insert conical point into second hole

Now locate the second hole and push the conical point of your bar through it.

levering, aligning bolt holes, how to align bolt holes,

Step 3 – Align holes

Using a gentle levering action, lever the mating workpieces around the conical point of your bar until the two holes are properly aligned. In some cases, this may take a little time, so be patient!

remove bar from hole,

Step 4 – Withdraw bar

Now you can withdraw the bar from the holes. Simply slide it out, being careful not to push the holes out of alignment.

aligned bolt holes, bolt holes, aligning holes, how to align bolt holes,

Step 5 – Check alignment

Check that the holes are still in alignment. If not, repeat steps 1-4 until you are confident that the holes are aligned properly.

insert bolt, bolt head, head of bolt,

Step 6 – Insert bolt

Once the holes are properly aligned, you can fasten the two workpieces together using a bolt. Simply insert the bolt and tighten with a spanner of the appropriate size and type.

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