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What is a straight ripping chisel?

What is a straight ripping chisel?

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wrecking bar, ripping chisel, crowbar, chisel, The straight ripping chisel combines some of the components of a ripping chisel and a wrecking bar, the end result being a tool that can be used in most medium to heavy-duty wrecking, demolition, breaking, levering and nail pulling tasks.
nail puller, It incorporates a wrecking bar’s nail slot at one end, with polished tips and bevelled edges. A nail puller is also incorporated at this end. At the other end is a blunt tip, used for hitting, driving into, and ultimately breaking objects and work surfaces.
hexagonal metal stock, metal stock, hex bars, The shaft of the straight ripping chisel is hexagonal. A hexagonal shaft has the benefit of being cheaper to produce, because much metal stock is sourced in hexagonal bars – meaning that hexagonal shafts do not need to be forged or cut for each tool during manufacture.
piggy bank, money saving, piggy banks, bank, savings, The less expensive the manufacturing process, the less expensive the tool you see in the shop.

What is a straight ripping chisel used for?

straight ripping chisel, holding tool, using tool, Straight ripping chisels can be used for many of the same tasks as a medium to heavy-duty wrecking bar or ripping chisel.

Tasks for which they are suitable include:

plasterboard, break up plasterboard, remove plasterboard, Heavy-duty demolition
ripping out flooring, flooring, rip up flooring, taking out flooring, Wrecking
breaking tasks, breaking demolition, demolition tasks, breaking ground, Breaking
A lever is inserted under the edge of an object Levering
nail, protruding nail, rusty nail, iron nail Nail pulling

What straight ripping chisel sizes are available?

ripping chisel, straight ripping chisel, crowbar, wrecking bar, The straight ripping chisel is available in one size of 460mm (18in), weighing 1kg (2lb 3oz).
small laptop, notebook computer, computer, For comparison, this means that the straight ripping chisel weighs about the same as a small laptop.

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