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Miscellaneous and Novelty Crowbars

Miscellaneous and Novelty Crowbars

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crowbar, half life, wrecking bar, video games, crowbar in half life, half life crowbar, Not all bars and crowbars are suitable for the DIY enthusiast! From bars designed specifically for use by the military and emergency services, to bars designed for fun and novelty, on this page we will take a look at some of those miscellaneous crowbars you might encounter on Google and beyond.

Pocket crowbars

zombie, zombie builder, Thanks to the popularity of zombie and post-apocalyptic fiction and video games, in which the crowbar is often the defensive weapon of choice, crowbars have gained something of a cult following in popular culture.
bottle opener, crowbar, crowbar bottle opener, novelty bottle opener, novelty crowbar, The result of the present cultural fondness for the crowbar has been the development of a range of ‘pocket’ crowbars, from ‘survival tools’ to bottle openers.
phone opener, open phone case, phone crowbar, iphone crowbar, Some of these are even useful in their own right – miniature plastic and aluminium crowbars are sometimes used by the tech minded to open mobile phone and computer tablet casings, during repairs or modifications.
skeleton, novelty tools, skeleton tools, fashionable tools, You may even find pocket crowbars for sale with fashionable designs, such as this skeleton-inspired bottle opener.

Crowbar jewellery

crowbar jewellery, jewellery, necklace, crowbar necklace, Such is the popularity of the crowbar in fiction and video games, some people even wear crowbar themed jewellery!
 How many tools can say that!

Crowbars of many colours

wrecking bar, crowbar, neon pink, neon pink tools, If you find the range of crowbar colours available from most tool stores a little boring, the internet has you covered; crowbars are now available in a range of eye-catching colours, such as this neon pink wrecking bar.

Halligan bar

fireman, fire services, forcible entry, forced entry, emergency services, halligan bar, The Halligan bar is a type of wrecking bar used by the emergency services worldwide to break into buildings and vehicles in situations such as fires, floods, earthquakes and building collapses.
halligan bar, search and rescue tools, rescue tools, fire and rescue tools, forcible entry tools, This bar is the ultimate heavy-duty wrecking bar, and would never be necessary for your DIY projects – but for thousands of people, it’s a real lifesaver.
hugh halligan, fire chief, deputy fire chief, fire service, new york city fire department, firemen, fireman, halligan bar, First implemented in 1948, the Halligan bar was named after its creator, New York City Fire Department First Deputy Chief, Hugh Halligan. In the modern day fire service, the Halligan bar is widely seen as the most versatile rescue tool of them all, and has been used for over six decades since its initial development.
halligan bar and grill, fireman's bar, firemen's bar, bar, chicago, chicago bar and grill, In fact, the image of the Halligan bar has become so intertwined with the US Fire Service that the owner of a Chicago fireman’s bar named his establishment after it – Halligan’s Bar!

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