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What is an adjustable wrecking bar?

What is an adjustable wrecking bar?

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labelled adjustable wrecking bar, adjustable wrecking bar, wrecking bar, hultafors, Adjustable wrecking bars are a relatively new design, and feature a bent claw with the ability to be adjusted to any one of nine claw angle settings.
adjustable claw angle, adjusting claw angle, This allows users to set the angle of the claw in relation to the shaft across 180 degrees of available adjustment, without changing the angle of the claw itself, which incorporates a fixed-angle bend of roughly 100 degrees.
ring gear, adjustable wrecking bar, wrecking bar, hultafors, The claw of an adjustable wrecking bar is attached to the shaft using a ring gear system. To adjust the claw, the ring gear is loosened by turning to the left, and tightened when the desired angle is achieved by turning to the right. (See: How to adjust the claw of an adjustable wrecking bar?)
acute angle, acute angle claw, A claw adjusted to an acute angle can be used to lift and pry objects in confined spaces, and to increase the angle of leverage where required.
obtuse angle, obtuse, A claw adjusted to an obtuse angle can be used for gentler prying applications, where less force is required, or to lift and move objects only a short distance.
Wonkee Donkee says: An acute angle is anything smaller than 90°, and an obtuse angle is anything larger than 90°, but less than 180°!
nail slot, bevelled nail slot, wrecking bar, Additionally, the bent claw features a nail slot bevelled to a very fine inside edge, allowing engagement of stubborn nails without the need to raise them first.
chisel end, chisel edge, wrecking bar, At the opposite end, the adjustable wrecking bar features a chisel edge, cranked at a shallow downward angle from the shaft. This allows space for the fingers to rest when using the chisel end, minimising the risk of bumped knuckles.
adjustable wrecking bar, shaft, crowbar, crowbar shaft, ergonomic hand tools, Two adjustable wrecking bars are available: one with a hexagonal shaft, and one with an ergonomically designed shaft, which features a cushioned rubber grip and is contoured to the hand.

What are adjustable wrecking bars used for?

Adjustable wrecking bars are able to cope with a high degree of strain, and are therefore suitable for any ripping, prying or wrecking task, including:
nail pulling, pull nails, remove nails, nail removal, Nail pulling
pallet breaking, Pallet breaking
removing moulding, remove moulding, crown moulding, take down crown moulding, take out crown moulding, Removing moulding
lift flooring, lifting flooring, Lifting flooring
lift door, door lifter, lifting door, how to lift door, Lifting doors
position beam, locate beam, Positioning (or ‘locating’) objects such as studs or beams

What adjustable wrecking bar sizes are available?

ergonomic shaft, hexagonal shaft, wrecking bar, crowbar, Hex shaft models come in one length of of 660mm (26in) and weigh 1700g (3lb 12oz), while the ergonomic model is manufactured to the slightly shorter length of 640mm (25in) and weighs 1730g (3lb 13oz).With only 20mm (1in) difference in the models’ lengths, and 30g (1oz) difference in weight, the main factor to consider, if you will be choosing between them, is shaft design.
ergonomic tool, ergonomic shaft, Both bars offer roughly the same quality of leverage and are roughly the same weight, but the ergonomic model will be considerably more comfortable to work with; though it will cost you a little more than the hex shaft, due to the relatively complex forging process involved in ergonomic manufacture.
expensive, very expensive, Indeed, if cost is a factor, it’s worth noting that neither of these bars is cheap, and one adjustable wrecking bar may cost up to ten times more than a non-adjustable wrecking bar.This is largely due to the engineering and parts involved in creating a ring gear sturdy enough to take the amount of force a wrecking bar must be able to cope with.

What are adjustable wrecking bars made of?

boron, boron steel, Adjustable wrecking bars are manufactured from a hardened boron steel alloy.
hardening steel, hardening, hardened steel, steel, manufacture, forging, For more information on boron steel, see our earlier page: What are bars made of?

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