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What is a thatching rake used for?

What is a thatching rake used for?

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Thatching rakes are used to scarify and dethatch grass and lawns Thatching rakes differ from most other rakes because they have tines which are like blades, used for cutting through and removing thatch from grassed areas.

Removing thatch

The most effective rake for removing thatch from lawns is a thatch rake, or scarifier, because it can cut through roots and pull up dead materials If thatch build-up around grass becomes too thick it can affect lawn quality and you will need to remove it. Thatching rakes are specifically designed to remove thatch from around grass roots.

For more information see: How to scarify a lawn with a rake.

Wonkee Donkee says "Removing thatch or moss from grass is often known as scarifying."

Removing moss

Moss can be raked out of lawns with thatch rakes Moss can build up in grassy areas and, although it can be beneficial to gardens, it can also cause problems. Thatch rakes scratch up moss so it can be removed. However, thatch rakes can easily damage the surface underneath moss, and are not suitable for use on concrete and rocks. Another option is to check out our best leaf blowers guide.

Breaking up soil

Thatching rakes can be used to break up lumps of soil ready for planting Because the tines of thatch rakes are strong they can be used to break up and turn soil. The sharp tines dig through lumps of soil and break it up. They can also be used for cutting through the roots of weeds and pulling them out. However, using thatching rakes in soil could blunt the tines over time.

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