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What is a leaf rake?

What is a leaf rake?

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Leaf rakes and lawn rakes are usually classes as the same type of rake. Sometimes lawn rakes are described as being able to do jobs other than just moving leaves Leaf rakes, can also be referred to as lawn rakes and sometimes fan rakes. They are primarily designed to move and gather fallen leaves. They are similar to lawn rakes, but they are not usually designed for moving anything heavier than leaves. Sometimes the names leaf and lawn rakes are used interchangeably.

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Leaf rakes and lawn rakes are designed to move piles of leaves Leaf rakes have tines which fan out, often in a triangle shape. The tines are usually made from plastic and sometimes bamboo, with stronger leaf rakes having tines made from heavy-duty plastic. They should be quite gentle on the ground as they sweep over it.
Leaf rakes usually have particularly wide heads so they can sweep lots of leaves at a time Leaf rakes come in a range of sizes, with the tines spreading out extra wide on some to collect more debris with each sweep. Most leaf rakes’ tines span out between 400mm (15″) and 600mm (24″). However, there are small leaf rakes which go down to around 300mm (12″) wide, and extra large ones which spread to over 750mm (30″). The larger the head, the heavier the rake will be.

Scooping leaf rakes

Some rakes are designed to grab or scoop up piles of leaves A modern variation on leaf rakes is the scooping leaf rake. Standard leaf rakes are not designed to lift materials, and this could break the tines. Scooping leaf rakes are designed for gathering lifting large piles of leaves. Scooping leaf rakes come in three basic designs, all aimed to assist with lifting leaves into a bag or bin without needing to bend much.
Rakes which can scoop leaves come in different designs, they can gather and lift piles of leaves

Single-headed leaf scoop rakes

Some scooping leaf rakes have a single head which can fold in on itself to grab leaves. They can be used like a standard leaf rake to sweep leaves into a pile, and then folded over the leaves to lift them into a bag or bin.

Gathering leaves is easier with rakes designed to scoop up leaves

Double-headed leaf scoop rakes

These rakes either have two heads attached to one handle or are two rakes attached with a moving joint, so they can be used like tongs. The heads can be used to sweep leaves into piles and then closed against each other to gather leaves up to dispose of them. The two rakes which attach can also be separated, forming two single rakes.

Hand held scooping rakes can lift piles of leaves for disposal

Hand-held leaf scoop rakes

These scooping leaf rakes consist of two separate pieces, one for each hand. They usually resemble rake heads. You will need to bend to collect leaves with these as they don’t have long handles. They are designed to gather fairly large amounts of leaves for bins or bags after they have been raked into a pile.

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