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What is a hand rake?

What is a hand rake?

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Hand rakes come in different designs, choose a design to suit the jobs you need it for Hand rakes are designed to be used when working close to the ground or another surface. They resemble smaller versions of standard rakes. There are two basic hand rake designs: garden hand rakes and lawn hand rakes.
Hand rakes are smaller versions of a garden rake or a lawn rake Hand rakes have a much narrower heads and shorter handles than other rakes. They’re easy to carry, as they are usually lightweight. They can be used in small spaces, such as around plants and in pots, and the short handles makes them easier to control.
Wonkee donkee says "hand rakes are small enough to be used by children if they want to help with gardening tasks

Garden hand rakes

Garden hand rakes are like smaller versions of a standard garden rake Hand rakes which resemble garden rakes should have rigid tines with relatively wide spaces between them. They have much shorter handles and narrower heads than standard garden rakes. They can be used for the same jobs as garden rakes, but over a much smaller area.

Lawn hand rakes

Hand rakes can come in designs like garden rakes or like leaf or lawn rakes Hand rakes which are designed like lawn rakes can be used to gather leaves from around plants and in other awkward spaces. If they have strong enough tines they can also be used in small areas to remove moss or thatch, or break up some compacted soil.

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