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What is a landscape rake?

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landscape rakes will have wide heads so they can cover large areas easily Landscape rakes can sometimes be called leveling rakes, grading rakes, gravel rakes or beach rakes. They resemble garden rakes but generally have much wider heads. Most landscape rakes have two braces as additional support to hold the head to the handle.
You can get mechanical landscape rakes as well as hand-held landscape rakes, landscape rakes can be used on large areas They are used to move and level a variety of ground surfaces, such as sand or soil, as well as tough materials like light stones and chippings. They can also be used to gather up various garden debris, such as leaves and grass clippings. However, they are not normally strong enough to be used with very heavily compacted soil or heavy rocks.
Landscape rakes have extra long handles and wide heads Handheld landscape rakes can have heads up to 1066mm (42″) wide, with most being between 550mm (21.5″) and 915mm (36″). Often, they also have longer handles than some other rakes, up to 1.9m (75″). This means they can be held at a more horizontal angle to the ground when in use, and can take especially long sweeps.
Large landscape rakes are fitted to tractors There are also mechanical landscape rakes which can be fitted to a tractor or similar vehicle. These are used on especially large driveways and other landscaped areas. They can have heads as wide as 2.5m (98″).

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