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What is a thatching rake?

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Thatching rakes are used to scarify and dethatch grass and lawns Thatching rakes may also be called thatch rakes, aerator rakes, dethatching rakes, moss removal rakes or scarifying rakes (de-thatching is often called scarifying). These rakes are designed specifically to cut through and remove thatch and moss without causing too much damage to healthy grass. Thatch is a build-up of dying plant materials in grassy areas.
Thatch rakes are sometimes called scarifying rakes. They are designed to cut up and remove thatch and moss Thatch rakes differ from other rakes because their tines are sharp blades. They are relatively heavy duty rakes with a flat head. They will either have a single set of tines on one side of the head, or a double set, one on either side of the head, with one set of tines crimped for disturbing soil.
Thatching rakes have sharp teeth which are used to cut through plant materials Thatching rakes usually have heads which are between 250mm (10″) and 400mm (16″) wide. The head is usually attached to the handle with a Y-shaped bracket, which should give it some added strength. The handles of thatching rakes are usually fairly long, between 1.3m (51″) and 1.6m (63″).
Thatch rakes sometimes have wheels on their heads so they can be set at a specific height when being used Some thatch rakes have wheels on the head, so they can be easily guided and kept at a constant height from the ground. This feature helps limit the damage made to the lawn. There are also power rakes or scarifiers which can be used to remove thatch and moss from much larger areas.
Wonkee Donkee says "Thatching is also the name given to the craft of creating a roof from dried plant material, such as straw, heather or rushes."

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