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Are there any alternatives to rakes for levelling ground coverings?

Are there any alternatives to rakes for levelling ground coverings?

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Rakes can be used to level different ground coverings Some rakes are specifically designed for spreading, levelling and grading various ground coverings. However, there are a few other tools available for this type of work.

Spazzle rakes

Spazzles are used for similar jobs as rakes. They have no teeth and are used to spread and smooth ground coverings like gravel, soil or tarmac Spazzles are like rakes without tines. Sometimes they are referred to as lutes. They have long handles and flat heads, specifically designed to spread and level various materials, like concrete and gravel. Also like rakes, spazzles come with different specifications – some are designed for more heavy-duty use than others.

Gravel levellers 

Gravel levelers can be used instead of rakes to level ground coverings A gravel leveller, or spreader, also resembles a rake without tines. It usually has four round bars attached to a handle. These bars are arranged to form a flat head which can be moved across a surface to level it off. The materials they can be used to level will depend on individual tool specifications – there are lightweight and heavy-duty versions.

Mechanical levellers

Mechanical rakes are used for leveling very large areas. For an average gardener they can use a rake for leveling ground, mulch, soil and other materials If a very large area needs to be levelled, you might want to use a mechanical leveller. There are a number of machines which can be used, as well as attachments for tractors and similar vehicles.

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