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What is a rake?

What is a rake?

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Rakes are a garden hand tool Rakes are hand tools consisting of a long handle attached to a head. The head has a number of tines set in it, sometimes called teeth or prongs. Rakes come in a variety of designs and sizes, for many different tasks.For more information see: What are the different types of rake?
Rakes can be used for many different jobs, including breaking up hard soil and gathering hay Rakes are commonly used in agriculture, horticulture, gardening, and landscaping. Some rakes are designed for gathering hay, grass clippings, leaves and other, similar, lightweight materials.
Rakes can be used to spread and level various ground coverings Some rakes can be used for more heavy duty work such as loosening and turning soil, removing dead plant materials from grass or removing weeds. Many rake designs can be used for levelling soil, gravel, and other ground materials.For more information see: What is a rake used for?
Tractors can be used to pull large mechanical rakes across fields There are also mechanised rakes, for use over larger areas, which can be powered by electricity or petrol. As well as extra-large rakes which are commonly used in farming or large-scale landscaping, and usually attach to a tractor or similar vehicle.
Wonkee Donkee says "Rake is the name of a small village in West Sussex, a small city in Iowa, USA, and a remote settlement in Slovenia."

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