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What is a hand rake used for?

What is a hand rake used for?

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hand rakes are smaller versions of standard rakes - used for various gardening tasks The design of the hand rake will determine what jobs it can be used for. They are all designed to be used close to the working surface and in small spaces.

Garden hand rakes

Garden hand rakes are like small soil rakes This style of hand rake resembles a garden rake, but is much smaller. It is often used in place of a garden rake when working closely to the surface of small areas, like borders or planting beds.
Hand rakes can be used to turn soil in small plant beds and pots

Turning soil

Garden hand rakes can be used to turn and till soil. They are especially useful for doing this around plants in pots and flowerbeds, as the small head means they are easy to manipulate in smaller spaces.

some hand rakes can be used to remove weeds from plant beds and pots

Removing weeds, old roots and other garden debris

Because the tines of garden hand rakes are usually fairly strong they can be used for digging into soil to remove weeds and other unwanted materials. A good quality hand rake should also be strong enough to pull out stones and other tough debris.

Lawn hand rakes

Hand rakes are small rakes This design of hand rake is usually based on the lawn rake, although occasionally it will resemble the design of the leaf rake more closely. Again, it is used instead of leaf or lawn rakes in small areas, and when the the user needs to get closer to a surface .
Hand rakes can be used in small spaces in garden and plant beds

Gathering leaves and lightweight debris

These hand rakes are designed for reaching into flower beds and borders to clear leaves and similar debris from around plants. They can be used in areas where a normal leaf or lawn rake would be too large. If time is short, or you don’t want to put pressure on your back, check out our guide on the best leaf blowers

Hand rakes can be used in small spaces in garden and plant beds

Removing dead plant material and scarifying

Some of these hand rakes should be strong enough to disturb the surface layer of soil. They can be used to disrupt dead plants as long as they’re not too deep set or woody. Thatch build-up on lawns can also be pulled up with some hand rakes, but only in small areas. Check the specifications of individual rakes to see if they are suited to the more heavy-duty tasks.

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