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What is a tarmac rake used for?

What is a tarmac rake used for?

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Tarmac rakes are strong enough to move stones and asphalt Tarmac rakes can be used for some general gardening tasks, in the same way garden rakes can. They are also designed to be strong enough to be used with heavier and tougher materials.

Spreading and levelling ground coverings 

Tarmac rakes can be used with tarmac and asphalt because they have strong rigid tines. Tarmac rakes are designed to for moving, spreading and levelling most materials used as ground coverings. The rigid tines should be strong enough to spread tough materials such as asphalt concrete and pebbles. They can also be used with more lightweight materials like bark chippings, and they can be used to spread heated materials like warm tarmac.

Breaking up soil and removing debris

Rakes can be used for various jobs. Tarmac rakes are designed to be strong so they can be used with tough materials Tarmac rakes can be used in the same way as garden rakes for tilling soil. The tough tines are spaced to be able to move through soil, breaking up lumps and removing weeds, stones, and other debris. This prepares an area of soil ready for planting. However, they are more commonly used by contractors, rather than gardeners.

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