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Wonkee Donkee’s Top Tips for using a Post Hole Digger

Wonkee’s top tips for using a post hole digger

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Wonkee's top tips for using a post hole digger When using a post hole digger, there are a few rules that should be followed in order to keep the tool in working order, protect it from damage and make the task as easy for the user as possible.
Do not use post hole digger to pull up rocks and roots When digging, avoid large rocks and roots in the soil so as not to damage the blades. If you see any rocks or roots then pick them out by hand.
Water soil before using a post hole digger If the soil proves too hard to dig, water it down to soften it up, and leave until it is moist before digging.
Hold handles and release on impact When thrusting the digger into the ground, let the handles go before the blades hit the earth in order to avoid the impact of shock from travelling up the arms and through the shoulders, as this can become strenuous.
When digging lift from the knees not your back Bend the knees, rather than the back, when lifting soil out from the hole to avoid straining the back muscles.
Wear gloves when digging holes Wearing gloves can ease the task of hole digging as it gives the user better grip on the handles and helps to avoid painful blisters.
Use ricks as backfill to stabilise post Once the hole is dug and the post is planted, rocks can work well as backfill at the bottom of the hole, as they help to stabilise the post. This also encourages water to drain away from the bottom of the post, which can prevent it from rotting.

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