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What is a universal post hole digger?

What is a universal post hole digger?

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What is a universal post hole digger A universal post hole digger is different in appearance and design to many of the other types. It comprises one long handle with a pointed blade on its end, and a smaller, lever-operated handle, again with a blade on its end.
Universal digger blade curving inwards The blade on the end of the lever-operated handle curves inwards when the lever is lowered. This blade scoops up the soil during digging, and effectively clamps it against the other blade.
Use a universal digger in stony soil This makes the universal digger an ideal model to use when working in stony or gravelly earth, as the curvature means it can pick up large objects within the soil without damaging the blades.
Universal digger called a Boston digger in the US This type of digger can also be known as a Boston digger, although this is more common in the US.

How does a universal digger work?

Universal digger has one blade which drives into the earth A universal digger works in a slightly different way to other post hole diggers. It has one blade which drives down into the earth, and this blade then dislodges the dirt and breaks up any large, obstructive rocks or roots.
Pull lever down to close blades The lever-operated blade is then hinged down by the user, and collects the dirt. It does this by scooping any loose soil or debris up and enclosing it between itself and the other blade.
Universal post hole digger This keeps the dirt compact within the two blades, allowing the user to remove it from the hole.

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