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How to use a post hole digger for gardening?

How to use a post hole digger for gardening

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Post hole diggers can be used for gardening As well as digging holes for posts, a post hole digger can be used to dig holes in your garden for plants, flowers and shrubs.
Select the area to plant your shrub

Step 1 – Select area

Choose where you want your plant to go.

Post hole digger clamping soil

Step 2 – Dig hole

Using your post hole digger, dig a hole large enough to fit the entire root of your plant, with a little extra space for backfill as well.

Break up the edge of the hole with a digging bar or spade

Step 3 – Break up hole

Next, the edges of your hole will need to be broken up, to allow the plant’s roots to penetrate the soil. If the roots cannot penetrate the soil then the plant will not live as long as it should. Use a small spade or digging bar to loosen the soil at the edges of the hole.

Place your plant in the hole

Step 4 – Place plant in hole

Take your plant out of the pot and place it into the hole.

Break up your plant's roots for better growth You may also need to break up the plant’s roots at this point, especially if the plant has been in the pot for a long time. Do this by gently pulling apart the roots. This will help the roots to grow more efficiently in the long term.
Backfill your hole around the plant

Step 5 – Backfill hole

Using the soil that you previously removed, backfill the hole until the plant is secure and the soil is compact.

Your plant is now planted Your plant is now successfully planted and ready to be watered.

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