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How to use a post hole digger?

How to use a post hole digger

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How to use a post hole digger To dig straight holes for holding up sturdy posts, a post hole digger is an essential tool to have. This is because it allows the user to dig deep yet narrow holes without difficulty.
Wonkee Donkee tip Before you begin to dig your post holes, a little tip to remember is that digging in moist soil is much easier than trying to dig in either solid, clay-like soil or dry, sandy soil.
Dampen soil before digging If necessary, soften the soil up by hosing the ground with water and leaving the dirt to soak up the moisture before digging.
Grasp post hole digger handles

Step 1 – Grasp handles

Grasp the handles of your post hole digger securely, placing your hands level on each side.

Lift the post hole digger up and drive into the ground

Step 2 – Pierce ground

Lift the tool upwards, so that your hands are above your head, and then drive the tool downwards with enough force for the open blades to pierce the ground.

 Donkee says 'to avoid shock let go of the handles before they hit the earth'
Repeat step again Initially, you may need to repeat this step a few times in order to get an outline of your hole.
Loosen soil with digger blades

Step 3 – Loosen soil

Using the handles, move the blades around in the ground to loosen the soil.

Use the handles to close the blades

Step 4 – Clamp soil

Again using the handles, firmly clamp the soil by bringing the blades together.

Clamp the soil and remove it from the hole

Step 5 – Remove soil

Keeping the blades closed around the soil, remove it from the hole by lifting the tool upwards.

Deposit soil next to hole

Step 6 – Deposit soil

Deposit the soil to one side of the hole by opening the blades.

Donkee says 'deposit soil close to the empty hole to save time and effort when backfilling'
Fence post installed in the hole

Step 7 – Repeat

Repeat the previous steps, digging deeper with each thrust, until your hole is the required depth and width to hold your post.

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