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What are the different types of post hole digger?

What are the different types of post hole digger?

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The different types of post hole digger There are five main types of post hole digger to choose from. These are the traditional, the scissor-action, the universal, the double-pivot and the offset post hole digger. Below is some introductory information on each type.


Traditional post hole digger is simplest in design The traditional post hole digger is the original and simplest in design. The tool’s mechanical apparatus consists of two rounded steel blades facing each other, that are connected at the pivot point. The blades are then fastened to the handles by bolts to keep them firmly in place.
How to use a traditional post hole digger With this type of digger, you simply pierce the ground while the handles are held together, and pull the handles apart to collect and lift any loose soil.

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Scissor-action digger similar to a pair of scissors The scissor-action digger is also known as a split-handled digger. It has handles that cross over, similar to the design of a pair of scissors.
How to use a scissor-action post hole digger The digger differs from other types as the blades are welded to steel tubes, which cap the end of the handles. The handles are inserted into the tubes and bolted into place, in order to increase the strength of the digger. This makes the digger more suited to working in rocky soil, as there is less risk of the welded blades breaking away from the end of the handles.

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Universal digger different in appearance to other diggers The universal post hole digger can also be known as the Boston digger. It is very different in appearance to the other types as it has two handles of different size and shape. One handle is long and straight, while the other is much shorter and lever-operated, meaning it bends out to the side.
Universal digger scoops up soil This type of digger also works in a different way to other diggers. It has one blade which pierces the ground and solely dislodges the dirt before the second blade is hinged down, by the lever operated handle, to help collect and remove the loose soil.

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Digger with an additional pivot A double-pivot digger has two pivot points, instead of just the one. The additional pivot means the digger works in the opposite way to the traditional post hole digger, as once the blades are in the ground, the handles are pushed together to clamp the soil, rather than being pulled apart.
Double-pivot digger digs deeper and narrower holes The additional pivot’s placement between the handles also restricts them from opening too wide when opening the blades. This allows the digger to dig deeper and narrower holes than other types, because the handles are not obstructed during the process.

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Digger with offset handles that counteract at the top An offset post hole digger has straight handles that are placed very close together, which then counteract at the top by bending out in opposite directions. This allows the user to use less force when closing the blades, as the handles have greater leverage from the offset feature.
Using an offset post hole digger to dig holes This feature means the tool can often dig deeper and narrower holes, without the handles interfering with the shape of the hole.

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