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What is a scissor-action post hole digger?

What is a scissor-action post hole digger?

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What is a scissor-action post hole digger A scissor-action post hole digger has its name because it works much like a pair of ordinary scissors.
Scissor-action post hole digger is similar to a pair of scissors The design of a scissor-action post hole digger looks similar to a pair of scissors because it is set in an ‘X’ shape. Its handles intersect at the pivot point, meaning the blades are crossed over onto opposing sides.
Hold one handle in either hand It is designed in this way so that the blades can be opened wider when digging, as the handles can be pulled further apart.

This is an advantage when digging as the blades can clamp more soil in their grasp when removing it from the hole, meaning the process can be completed at a faster pace. Despite this, there is also the disadvantage that the wider blade opening means there is a risk of the hole being dug wider than is needed.

Scissor-action digger made of steel A scissor-action post hole digger is often made completely from steel, including both the blades and the handles.¬†This can be an advantage, as the material’s high tensile strength means it is strong enough to cope with heavy-duty repetitive digging.
Scissor-action parts often welded together for strength The blades are welded to the handles, rather than bolted as other diggers are. This makes them more sturdy as there is less risk of the blades breaking off from the handles if they come into contact with rocks within the soil.
Use a scissor-action digger in rocky soil Due to these factors, the scissor-action digger is often an ideal tool to use when tackling rocky or gravelly earth, as it can grasp large amounts of soil without risk of breakage.
Cast steel is stronger than stamped or shaped steel However, it is important when purchasing an all-steel scissor-action digger to ensure that it is made from cast steel and not stamped or shaped steel, as these types of metal are not as durable.

How does a scissor-action digger work?

Using a scissor-action digger Similarly to all other diggers, a scissor-action post hole digger works by firstly piercing the ground with its blades.
Thrust scissor-action digger into the ground However the digger then differs from other types, as it uses a compound scissor action, whereby the blades close when the handles are closed and the blades open when the handles are opened.

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