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What is a double-pivot post hole digger?

What is a double-pivot post hole digger?

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What is a double-pivot post hole digger The main characteristic that differentiates a double-pivot post hole digger from the other types is its extra pivot point.
Close handles to close the blades The additional pivot point means that the blades are closed by bringing the handles together, rather than apart as with a traditional digger. The pivot’s position between the handles also restricts them from being pulled too far apart when opening the blades. This allows the user to dig deeper without the handles becoming an obstruction against the sides of the hole.
Digger can dig up to five foot deep This digger can dig up to five feet deep while maintaining a straight and narrow hole.
Additional pivot and adjustable slots The extra pivot is located on the digger’s handles and is adjustable, thus adding to the digger’s versatility. If the user wishes to open the handles further apart during the beginning of the digging process then the pivot can be placed lower down the handles. Then as the process continuous and the digger is required to go deeper into the hole, the pivot can be moved towards the end of the handles to prevent it from catching the edges of the hole.
Wonkee Donkee information When adjusting the pivot, it is important to note that the lower on the handles it is positioned, the wider the handles have to be opened to fully open the blades.
Use double-pivot digger in clay-like soil The adjustable pivot point is also useful for digging in different types of soil. For example, when the digger is used in compacted, clay-like soil the pivot can be placed lower down the handles, closer to the blades, to give increased leverage.
Fibreglass handles lighter for digging A double pivot digger often has handles made out of fibreglass, as this material is lighter for when digging deep down into the ground.
Double-pivot digger with offset handles Some models of double-pivot digger have handles that are offset, which means they widen out towards their ends.
Digging holes with an offset double-pivot digger The offset feature adds greater leverage when digging, making loosening and clamping soil easier for the user.

How does a double-pivot digger work?

Using a double-pivot post hole digger Primarily a double-pivot post hole digger works by piercing the ground, similarly to other diggers.
Using a double-pivot post hole digger The handles are then pushed together to close the blades and clamp any loose soil or debris. To open the blades, the handles are then pulled apart.

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