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What is a post hole digger?

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Post hole diggers used for manually digging post holes A post hole digger is a hand tool used to manually dig deep and narrow holes in order to install posts, such as ones for fences or signs.
Post hole diggers can also be called clamshell diggers A post hole digger can also be known as a clamshell digger, due to its resemblance to the seaside shell.
Man using post hole digger in his garden The tool can vary in appearance but commonly looks similar to two shovels joined together.
Digger blades pierce the ground on impact It has sharpened blades which pierce the ground on impact, making hole digging easier, and long handles to allow for digging holes of various depths and widths.
Digger loosens soil and removes from the hole The two shovels work simultaneously by digging into the ground to create a hole, and then removing any loosened soil by clamping together.