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Post Hole Digger Maintenance and Care

Post hole digger maintenance and care

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Caring for your post hole digger To keep your post hole digger in excellent working order, there are a few simple steps that you can follow.


Wipe your post hole digger to keep it clean Clean your digger after every use by rubbing it with a towel, cloth or rag in order to remove any dirt and debris.
Keep parts free from mud and dirt Do not allow dirt, debris or grease to build up on the digger, as this will stiffen the joints and make it less effective when digging.


Prevent rust from building up on your digger Due to the fact that a post hole digger is designed to be used outdoors, rust is often a high risk.
Use oil on digger parts to prevent rust To prevent your digger from rusting, oil the blades, handles and joints regularly.


Varnish wooden handles Diggers with wooden handles can also be varnished to provide extra protection. Use a wood varnish to keep the handles in top-quality condition.


Store your digger in a dry place such as a shed When not in use, store your post hole digger inside in a dry place to prevent it from rusting.

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